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Independence brings fresh hope

The 9th July will forever be a landmark date in the history of the new state of South Sudan and Derek Chappell sees the political change as a new sign of hope for developing an education system across the country.

Chappell said, "Independence gives me great optimism for the future of South Sudan but we need more education projects like the Malek Academy.”

"Within South Sudan there remains widespread illiteracy, poor infrastructure and chronic hunger. For me, education is the long term key to resolving these issues and it is still the case that significant numbers of children receive no education whatsoever.”

"At present there are 65 pupils in the Academy and I and those working with me have proved what can be done without the support of agencies who often say the right things but who then act in a way that doesn't help people like myself who want to get things done to bring about the change that is needed.”

"For me, it will be the realisation of a long held ambition when 400 children attend a fully constructed Academy. That day can't come soon enough and I hope the advent of the new state is also the beginning of the long road to the development of an education system across the country."
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