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Student Blog: Anyeith Mading

Anyeith Mading is one of the first two young people from Malek Academy to attend university under The Derek Chappell Foundation and one of just a handful of females from South Sudan to reach this level of education each year. Anyieth tells us about her first experiences of University:

It has been a joyous time for me to Join St Lawrence University, although my life still has some minor challenges i have managed to commit myself in order to have a fruitful life in future.

One of the challenges that affected me was the local language of Uganda, Luganda . Most of my friends used Luganda and indeed it become very hard to fit in the group but as educated person, i requested the languages to understand.

How to make research on coursework and organise the notes was the factor facing me, some lecturers do not give us handouts but to get through your own research, they give the topics on the course then search for your notes. Different methodologies used by lecturers have also hindered my level of understanding and this had made some lectures difficult to follow but I feel now I am getting used to things here I am starting to manage.

Another new thing for me at university i experienced sending course works to the lecturers using email for marking, it was not easy for me due to understanding. However The Derek Chappell Foundation helped me out again and supplied me with a lap top. My stay here in St, Lawrence university has helped me to acquired knowledge and skills in various ways.IE business management and project planning not only that how to begin the business (business plan).

Many challenges that faced me during my first semester are now solved by my experienced as per now i am very comfort enjoying my studies.

My first thanks goes to entire Malek Academy for being the school of bringing the generations from the point of creativity to the point of innovation.

Second, am very happy to be at university given by Malek academy powers, without Malek Academy and The Derek Chappell Foundation I would have not got the chance to be here.
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