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Student Blog: Margaret Aluong

First, I would like to give thanks to our Almighty God for his guidance and protection throughout the crisis in Bor and in the displaced persons camps. In addition, I wouldn\'t have been here were it not because of friends of Malek Academy and the administration particular that kept access the security and timely engagement of the National ministry of education to get us such a facility. On that night of December 18th in Bor, gunshots were pouring like heaven was firing at us. I couldn\'t think I will be sitting for my secondary school certificate ever again. But because of our donors and administration, I got back the chance again over 100 kms away from Bor.

Although we are in our new school, life in former Academy was too good compared to here in Juba. We all look tired, traumatized and heartbroken by what we witnessed in Bor. Our school in Bor was total learning hub and far away from town\'s activities. But here, there a lot of things that are trying to destruct us from school life. The government just decides to bring people here any time and inconvenience us a lot. Like one time, boys had to put up in twos or threes want government brought people for inter-states sporting activities. I will love to go back to our Malek Academy in Bor if the security normalizes and repairs done. Although we were provided with mosquito nets, we still get sick of malaria which affects our attendance in classes.

Thanks to the supporters for bringing us back to class!
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