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About Malek Academy


Malek Academy has been rebuilt on the same site where a missionary, Archibald Shaw, set up a school in 1905. The school operated until the very early stages of the civil war when it was destroyed in an air raid. All that was left were the burnt out remains of a few buildings, some of which we hope to turn into a museum when funds allow.

In 2005, the Comprehensive Peace Agreement was signed between North and South Sudan. In November 2010, the school reopened and in July 2011, the Republic of South Sudan became the world’s newest nation.

Our Vision

We aim to construct a school where young people are educated to the highest standards in modern, purpose-built facilities which support a curriculum which will equip Malek’s pupils to become the next generation of leaders in South Sudan. We aim to recruit pupils from all over the country and to teach boys and girls from South Sudan’s many different tribes in a tolerant and inclusive environment. To enable us to do this, the Academy has built residential accommodation. Ability to pay is not a barrier to attending the Academy as we want to attract young people from a variety of backgrounds.

The academy will educate 120 pupils in four year groups. There will be 30 pupils in each year group and half of all pupils will be girls.

Our teachers are supported by a range of educationalists from some of the United Kingdom’s best schools and we hope to move to a position where we will be able to offer the IGCSE within the next few years.


The site of the Academy is on a flat, wooded area on the banks of the Nile, a short drive from Bor town.


The Academy id privately owned and registered under a Memorandum of Understanding between the Derek Chappell Foundation and the Ministry of Education in Jonglei State.

The Derek Chappell Foundation has four trustees:
  • Derek Chappell
  • Laurence Chappell
  • Norman Flynn
  • Peter Varney
The Foundation is responsible for providing the funding to rebuild the Academy and for securing further funding from public and private sources which will allow the Academy to continue its work. The Foundation also acts as the ultimate decision making body in relation policy and procedures at the Academy.

The Foundation’s UK Advisory Board is advised by educationalists from some of the UK’s most progressive schools. Melvyn Roffe, former chairman of the Boarding Schools’ Association and Principal of Wymondham College and Jo Dibb, Head Teacher of the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School, both sit on the Advisory Board.

There is also a Board of Governors in South Sudan whose role it is to oversee the educational, financial and operational management of the Academy. One of the Board’s key roles is to encourage a sense of ownership of the Academy by parents and the wider community. The Board of Governors comprises Abel Alier (Chairman), Salwa Berberi, General Majak D'Agoot, His Grace Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul, Luol Deng, Rebecca Garang, Nyiel Huol,Hussein, Mar Nuyol and Mary Nyawulang.

Malek Academy is run entirely thanks to the generosity of individuals and organisations.

Without your support and help, we will not be able to rebuild or even keep the young people at the school.

First and foremost, as with any charity, we need the funds to run the school. Our pledge to you is that every single penny you donate will go to helping educate the children - nothing is taken out to support the running costs of the charity here in the UK.

Most importantly, it will make a difference and change young people’s lives.
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